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Indigo- Let love be the last thing standing


Singer and Songwriter


photography and interview by Natalie Grono


Age: 27 years

Star Sign: Cancer with a Pisces moon

Please tell me about yourself in a paragraph. Who is Indigo?


Hmmm. well… 🙂 I’m still discovering and uncovering that everyday. I think the concept of “Indigo” disintegrated into the dust of nothingness this year. I’m re defining my mind and it’s limitations and I think in that space this is a challenging question to answer! Because I don’t wish to be defined by or as anything to be completely honest! 

But… I guess if I was to try, I would say, in essence, I am seeking to find and express truth in absolute grace and kindness in each bare new moment of now. And that manifests in so many different colourations of my soul.



What are your dreams?

I have so many dreams. So many beautiful beautiful rich dreams dripping in sunlight and honey. And wow do they steal my mind and heart most days. It would take me lifetimes to write them all down and there is something precious about keeping them safe until they are ready for birthing. But on a very simple soul level I dream of a state of peace and deep love imbued in every cell of mine and every living breathing beating heart and body. 


What was your childhood like and how do you think this has influenced the person you are today?

Well, my childhood was interesting. I grew up with two incredibly creative and deep feeling parents. They separated when I was two and I spent time with them both. I went to a Steiner school for primary school and a performing arts school for high school so had a pretty free and amazing education if I look at it objectively. At the time I didn’t like it at all, I really struggled and still do on a level with institutions and prescribed learning, but the Steiner school was soft and beautiful and revolved mainly around arts and crafts. It definitely built the bedrock of how I feel and relate to the world and nature. 

I was a pretty wild little girl, I think I have always felt things deeply but back then I was a universe of untethered emotion that had no channel and no understanding of why the world was the way it was. I so wanted to feel close to everyone and wanted intense presence at all moments and was often devastated when that couldn’t be the way. I think it’s something I have had to sit with through my growing. And it’s definitely made me the woman I am today, for which I am deeply grateful. I’ve learnt to accept myself in all my varied hues. 


What have been the defining moments of your life? 

I think when I think back, I always find myself in the moments of deep heartbreak heartache, love lost, but really in the beauty of those encounters and experiences. I am such a lover and romantic I get completely swept up in building huge extravagant temples of love and then often find myself in the ruins also.

Ive had a couple great loves that have left road marks of huge dark and light bruises on my soul.

I think the big defining moments are always things such as heartbreak, deaths, moving houses/countries, big achievements in the creative world, emotional family dramas (good and bad) and how you unravel and re weave yourself that make the most pivotal moments in life.

I have a history book and museum of all these things.

Ive had a pretty huge year this year, I think I will probably look back on this year and already am as a defining time. Moving into 27, deep love, moving about, big car crash, loss of job, a Vipassana sitting, bouts of the worst depression and anxiety ive ever experienced, complete death of ego, and re defining my relationship to myself, to others and mainly to my art and how I contribute to the world… and the year isn’t even over yet! haha


How did these moments change you? How did you work through them?

Hmmm. They have changed me in ways I couldn’t even begin to put into words really.

I worked through them with absolute commitment to myself and my heart and my breath. By taking one small step at a time.

Your most inspirational book, movie, album or artwork?

Hmm I always return to Women who run with the Wolves, The Prophet and The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Movies I love love love, Candy, Blue Valentine, Blue is the Warmest Colour, The Before Sunset, Sunrise, Midnight trilogy. Listening to; my dear hearted friends Big Thief, and always Radiohead and Jeff Buckley.

Where is your dream destination?

Right now its Morocco!


You have this beautiful Sth American Soul bundle in which you carry everywhere with you, please tell us about this and how it came into your life.

Hmm well I have actually never been to South America, but so many of my dear friends have and they all create these beautiful things called a Mesa which is a soul bundle… I really loved the idea of containing all the fragmented parts of your soul and heart in once place, so a beautiful wonder woman who does retreats and practices over there brought me back one of the woven cloths and I made my own. It has all these special little representations of times and places and things people have given me.


When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?

Well I recently did a Vipassana and that was completely new for me and completely terrifying and liberating!


Do you have wisdom to share? 

To learn how to truly surrender. To choose love over and over and over again, even when you think you cant anymore. Let love be the last thing standing.


How old would you be if you didn’t know?

Oh my, hahaha. Sometimes I would be a 5 year old and some days I would think thousands of years old. In a state of timelessness. Who knows!



What are your fears?

These days I only really fear my own mind and how it limits me through my perceptions of the world. Some days I am in such flow, I’ve melted into and through this construct of fear that society has laid heavy at our table, that I don’t feel fearful. Other days I am terrified of death, and loss, and lost love, and the state of the world… but I’m realising more and more once I accept the chaos within I can accept and surrender to the chaos on an external level and I stop trying to control the outcome of my life. We aren’t here to play god or be in judgement. I’m trying to consciously choose love over fear in every moment. 

What do you do for yourself that helps you keep going?

Swim in the Ocean.


What are your passions and inspirations?

My passions and inspirations dance wildly and vividly in such a vast field, but come back to simple things… creating, writing, singing, working with women, nature, the ocean, and love. 

My heart is really with music and writing now though. I wake up thinking about it and go to sleep thinking about it.

And women! Women inspire me on such a deep level all the time!


What are you grateful for?



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