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Merryn – Exist with honesty

 Merryn Jeann  

(photography and interview by Natalie Grono)

Age: 21 years old

Star sign: Gemini

Currently lives: Mullumbimby


Please tell me about yourself ;

I am a young woman who seems to be travelling a lot, at the moment it’s for music, which is really cool!

 I love to give joy and warmth in my presence, through my music and energy. I believe that the world around you is a reflection of what you give to it.

It’s important to keep it real and it’s something that I try to achieve with each day, it’s hard sometimes though… It’s my foremost challenge in life!


What are your passions and inspirations?

Music, the french language. People in general.

What are your fears?

Of being lazy and  not creating as much as possible.


What are your dreams?

To share music all over the world and collaborate with all sorts of artists.

Do you have any tips to share on living a creative life?

Find things that inspire you, talk to people, appreciate the small things like flowers and fruit and try to comprehend how incredible they are haha!

Travelling is great for creativity. 


Your most inspirational book, movie, album or artwork?

hmmmm so many options! 


What have been the defining moments of your life? Please include dark and light.

ay ya ya… Oh so many. 

I had a chat with my friend, Javi last year one afternoon in Berlin. 

We were talking about life and death and how people relate to it. He told me that life is a gift, something extra between birth and death, so we should make the most of it and just enjoy and feel as much as we can. 

He taught me that death is apart of life and we discussed that death should be taught to children (when we are like growing sponges, soaking everything up for the first time) differently, with more acceptance and normality. 

Of course, death is sad and it’s a natural human reaction to grieve because it hurts, but it should also be accepted and not be thought to be so dark when talked about, because it’s real and in a way it is beautiful. If life is seen as a gift, a sneaky little bonus, surely it can’t/shouldn’t last forever…

This defines my way of living now, it changed me from that moment.

Sometimes I forget, but I always come back to it when I feel confused.



Do you have wisdom to share? What’s your message?

Just try to exist with honesty. We all feel and move, just differently and I find that so incredible. Don’t be scared to try and relate to people, even if it seems impossible. Learn to understand that we are all made up of the same things and that in one way or another, we can relate to each other.

What was your childhood like?

My childhood was a city kind but always close to nature. I loved to dance and sing a lot.

My siblings and I with our neighbours always created little homes for fairies near the creek on our property, made from clay and leaves. These times sparked many creations and had no limit to beauty. In a way it represented myself in the city. Living in a world that was not so real to one that was lived only 50 km away… If that makes any sense, i’m not sure it does, but I just thought it and I like it. 

What makes you smile or laugh? 

Old people still holding each others hands and kissing. Dad’s who are in love with their children, other people laughing/feeling joyous. 

Who is your muse?

I just googled ‘muse’, not because I didn’t know what it meant but it’s always interesting… and the 2. definition is 

‘a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.’

I think there are lots for me. Strong woman like Nina Simone, Nai Palm and woman close in my life are always teaching me things, inspiring my creativity.

What are you most proud of?

Connecting with people when I play music, it gives me a purpose.

What are you grateful for?

My freedom and choice of expression, the opportunities and support I’ve been soaked in from day 1.

What breaks your heart?

When I understand that people I love aren’t really connecting to their reality. Our lack of understanding for living, the shallow purposes most find important.

What mends your heart?

Really really good music. Damn, when a song gives me shivers whether because I feel sad or happy because of the music, ultimately I cannot describe my appreciation for a good tune. 

Where is your local sacred location? 

There is a beautiful spot on a cliff just off course the Lighthouse walk in Byron, it over looks the ocean and the mountains and it just blows me away!

Also at the hang-liding point (in Byron) at night time when the stars are out, the world seems so incomprehensibly majestic and calm. 

Where is your dream destination?

I’m not sure, it’s always changing. At the moment I really want to go to Africa. To find the passion in life.

How old would you be if you didn’t know?

23 or 24, maybe?

What would you, if you could, tell your :

7-year-old self?


 16-year-old self?

Stay strong to intuition, follow your own crowd, ones that are warm and comfortable in their skin.

100-year-old self?

Can I fall asleep forever tomorrow with a deep feeling of joy? 

What do you do for yourself that helps you keep going? 

I get distracted, try and come back to something with a fresh mind.

What do you love about living where you do?

Nature. The mentality of most of the people. 

What questions do you dream of answering? 

I’m not really sure… Maybe ones not about myself, I hope to learn more about whats going on in the world, so I can comment on that instead!


“I am sharing an EP later this year. After much thinking and experience of collaboration,travelling,thinking and moments of creation, i’ve decided i’ll be releasing a folk soul bundle of songs, full of warmth, collaboration and honesty”.


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