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Premala- Find the Goddess within you and believe her

My name is Premala Devi (my spiritual name which means love goddess), I am 80 years old and I live on a beautiful property in Myocum.


MY LOCAL SACRED SPACE: My home is my temple.

MY PASSIONS: My biggest passion is my love of dance. I have studied classical Indian, Folk, Latin, African, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing and Bollywood, which is my favourite. I was born to dance. My other passion is to pass my knowledge onto others.


MY FEARS: I have spent so many years getting rid of my fears its hard to remember what they were! Oh i have a fear of driving long distances.


When i was in my 50’s i was struck by a man. This was a big realisation for me to let go of protecting my feelings. I was always such a tomboy and hid my real emotions in order to protect myself. When i was struck i realised that i was being treated like a man because i was acting like one. From that moment i have never hesitated to cry and show my emotions. When you create bad karma you need to ask yourself why.

I would say the darkest moments i have faced in my life have been growing up from being a victim and the challenges i faced from this. Instead of being a victim i had to evolve into a goddess.


It was quite dramatic. I was born of Sicilian parents, Italians are dramatic!!!

In 1937 my father was placed in a detention centre in Australia because of the fact that Mussolini had joined forces with Hitler. Suddenly we were the enemy. So the Australian Government took my family from me. My mother had to place me in a convent as she couldn’t afford to keep us and she could barely speak english. I was there for 7 years until I was aged 9 years. My father came to collect me and i was terrified, the only man i had seen was the priest. In the meantime my Mother had worked extremely hard and bought a small fish and chip business in Brisbane, so thats were we went.

WHAT MAKES ME SMILE: The innocence of children.

Dancing and singing.

MY DREAMS ARE: To gain as much knowledge as I can of what my purpose is on this earth journey.

DEFINING MOMENTS OF MY LIFE: The big moment that led me from the material world to the spiritual world was the discovery of Yoga at age 32years. Yoga changed my life. I still live and breathe yoga, it is what has got me to my 80 years.

A flexible body is a flexible mind.

A MANTRA TO SHARE: The sound of our breath, Soh Hum. Your breath is the spirit inside you.

INSPIRATIONAL BOOK I CAN RECCOMEND: Earth Peace through Self Peace, soaring wisdom from the white swan by Yogiraj Gurinath.

MUSIC: Mantras and Ambience.

MOVIE: The Original Sin.


IF I DIDNT KNOW HOW OLD I WAS I WOULD BELIEVE I WAS: Sometimes I am like a teenager, sometimes I am like a kid and other times I am like a wise woman. Sometimes I just want to be exactly 80 years.

WHAT WOULD I TELL MY 7 YEAR OLD SELF: Stay as sweet as you are.

MY 16 YEAR OLD SELF: Keep dancing Maria.

MY 100 YEAR OLD SELF: Stop the planet i want to get off! Oh give up and go to god.

I AM PROUD OF: Myself and the discipline i have acquired to get where I am now.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR: My earthly body and to learn the process of purpose.

WHAT DO I DO FOR MYSELF THAT HELPS ME KEEP GOING: I rest when I need to and be quiet when I need to. I don’t eat too much, just fruit, vegetables and nuts. I believe this is a good diet for 80 year olds.

THE LAST TIME I TRIED SOMETHING NEW: Every day is a brand new day for me.  Actually I have been Vegan for a long time and recently i was introduced to Feta Cheese. I loved it and my nails did grow longer. Perhaps i needed more calcium.


WHAT MENDS MY HEART: Honest communication and not blaming others.

MY MUSE IS: Mother Nature.

WHICH GODDESS I CHANT TO AT PRESENT: Lakshmi, the hindu goddess of good fortune. I have an altar in honour of Lakshmi and all gifts are placed there. I then leave them there for 24 hours until I touch them.


WHICH ANSWERS DO I DREAM OF ANSWERING: Any where people are interested from learning from my knowledge. I have currently created a family here on my property so people can learn from my wisdom.






WISDOM TO SHARE: Find the goddess within you and believe her.






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