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Ange- Choose Kindness and laugh often

My name is Ange. I am 25yrs and I live in Suffolk Park.

STAR SIGN: Sagittarius

PASSIONS: My major passions would have to be, human connection, travel, knowledge, the womanhood and motherhood, the healing arts- physically and spiritually. I find inspiration in these passions.

MY FEARS: As soon as I became a mother I truly understood the fear of loss, hurt and pain. I found a new sense of fear for myself. As a mother you want things to be right in the world. In a way, it gave me a new sense of self-value and safety. Before that my greatest fear had nothing to do with myself and everything to do with the people I loved. I do cherish those reckless years, as I don’t think I will live them again.


LOCAL SACRED LOCATION: Suffolk Park and Broken Head Beach. I sat on that beach with Tom (my partner) falling in love and later watched my kids play and run for hours on the sand. I go there for a busy head, sad heart, my alone time and afternoons after long days with the kids.

MY DREAMS:I’ve never had a really strong vision of exactly what, who and where I wanted to be. Yet I do have a pretty strong sense of how I want to do things, there are still so many places I would like to see, experiences I would like to have. I dream of trying it all, experiencing as much as I possibly can and doing it with the values of openness, kindness, warmth, family and acceptance.


HOW OLD I WOULD BE IF I DIDNT KNOW:When I was younger I was convinced my parents had lost track of a few birthdays along the years, I remember feeling much older than I was, I can still tap into that feeling of being very old. Yet, when I play with my kids I instantly feel like a child again. Ironically- I always say they have aged me rapidly.

I WOULD TELL MY 7 YR OLD SELF: never loose the sense that anything is possible and the desire to be playful

16YR OLD SELF:As cliché as it sounds, love yourself first, sensitivity is not a weakness, truly learn from your mistakes because then they weren’t for nothing and above all be kind.

100YR OLD SELF:This is your story and I hope it was filled with love and adventure.


Your most inspirational book, movie, album or artwork? The books I have read have all touched me for reasons as simple as an insight into a different existence or as profound as a spiritual truth. The way of the peaceful Warrior, Middlesex, Anything by Gabriella Garcia Marques and many of the classics are on my list of favorites. With movies I go between ridiculously silly or a beautiful film such as Café de fleur.

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES:My brother was a massive part of my childhood we are only 14 months apart, we still laugh about the same jokes. Looking back our childhood was very lighthearted, with just enough darkness to deepen our understanding of the world and the diverse people in it, I think a little bit of diversity in your extended family develops your empathy.

DREAM DESTINATION: I’ve never had a dream destination, it’s all about the experience, and you can find that feeling of wanderlust on a quite beach or in the back streets of India. Although I do have a long list of must see places. Lithuania, Outback Australia and Central America.

MAKES ME SMILE: Seeing other people happy, seeing people in love, Children, those moments when you think ‘ah, this is what life is about’ Those moments don’t have to be perfect, its more about that feeling of understanding. Just about anything will make me laugh, it can be crude, silly and totally inappropriate, that is both a blessing and a curse.


I feel like I only truly came into my true self towards the end of High school, it was almost as if there were a few ‘lost years’ in my early teens, just your typical teenage feelings of working out what type of person you wanted to become, seeing what feels right. It was all so much fun, yet my connection to self and personal power was definitely disconnected. When I made deep friendships with people who I felt truly understood me it was like a coming home or finding your tribe kind of feeling. Other defining moments have come to me when I discovered my passion for travel. I realized I loved the feeling of being anonymous, an insignificant, tiny visitor in a foreign land learning all the different ways people live and how we aren’t all that different at all.

The greater defining moments are as simple and complex as life and death. The death of my Grandfather was the first time I experienced severe shock and the closest I had ever been to death. Before that time I was young in the sense that I couldn’t imagine that anyone I loved could die, in that moment, myself and everyone I loved became mortal. Later, the death of my partners Brother, the sheer power of seeing such grief and despair in someone you love. I don’t have the words to explain that. I learnt so much about being there for someone, about the human spirit and its ability to get out of bed and heal yet go on forever changed. Of course the last major event in my life is the most full of light. The birth of my two boys. There are a thousands ways in which I changed as a woman, I don’t have the time to list them all but I know that feeling is shared by many.

WHAT BREAKS MY HEART:For as long as I can remember my heartstrings would twang if I caught this certain look in someone’s eye, that look of suffering, of ego, disappointment, nervousness, defeat, almost this look of desperation and sometimes just being human. I would get it passing a stranger in the street, in the classroom and nightclubs. It breaks my heart what people go through and what people are capable of doing to each other.

WHAT MENDS MY HEART:My children are more healing than they will ever know. Lying close to someone you love and just breathing in their presence would have be the most calming act in the world.



There are a few personal mantras’ I have always carried. Having Children has really given them a new sense of life.

-That people are doing their best from their level of development.

-This too shall pass

-Be present and enjoy the moment yet always be working towards something.

– Choose kindness and laugh often.



Do you have wisdom to share? What’s your message? One of my favorites quotes by Osho sums it up simply.

“ Just look at life with more playful eyes. Don’t be serious. Seriousness becomes like blindness. Don’t pretend to be a thinker, a philosopher. Just simply be a human being. The whole world is showering its joy on you in so many ways, but if you are too serious, you cannot open your heart”


IMPORTANT WOMEN IN MY LIFE: The most powerful, kind, inspirational and empathetic women surround me. My Mother, Grandmothers, Aunty, My mother in law and my dear friends Emma and Tess. I have a close group of friends I grew up with and women I have met on my motherhood journey. Just thinking about them all brings a smile to my face and I cherish each and every one for many contrasting reasons. I feel like the person I am today is the sum of everything they have taught me. I do feel like I need to say that I have equally as important men in my life. The balance of masculine and feminine is very important to me. I am very close to my Dad, Brother and Uncle and have strong connections with my male friends.


I AM PROUD OF:To be travelling this life with my partner and our two beautiful children make me feel like I must have done something right, it makes me proud of the person I am because they chose me.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR:The opportunities I have been given in life, the opportunity to feel safe, to grow, to touch people, to love freely, to learn, to travel, to raise a family of my own. Starting my life with a strong sense of family is a privilege and the foundation of anything I have ever done

WHAT I DO FOR MYSELF: Depends on what I need, a long walk and some fresh air has been my go to therapy. I value fun and a good laugh pretty highly. Being able to laugh at myself and not take things too seriously.

WHEN DID I LAST TRY SOMETHING NEW:The most recent, would have to be deciding to press pause on Uni and start a business. I sit up and build every piece of that business while my children sleep, there is definitely a driving force behind it that I don’t quite yet understand myself, despite the loss of sleep, it is becoming something. There are a lot of firsts in that process.









WHICH QUESTIONS DO I DREAM OF ANSWERING: I’m more excited about the answers that will be given to me, the ones that I least expect, and the ones I am ready for. Of course everyone is curious to know how their life is going to unfold, I cant wait to see the men that my boys will be, meet the new family members that will come into our lives. For now I am pretty intent just enjoying the present moment, as it is happening all too quickly.

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